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Fleas are very different from bugs and other insects which generally create problems in our lives. Although fleas cannot bite humans, they can still feed on human and pet blood, especially cats and dogs. Flea infestations can be determined when your pets scratch themselves more than usual. In such times, you must immediately call for a professional. You can hire experts from Pest Control Campbelltown, we are one of the best flea control service specialists in Campbelltown. 

What is the importance of flea control?

The importance of flea control is that you will not face the problems given below:

  • Fleas feed on human and animal blood is a known fact. But fleas cannot fly or jump higher, therefore they crawl. So, when they crawl on your skin, they cause irritation. 
  • Flea infestations can be a major problem when you have pets living around. You must recognize a flea infestation and control fleas immediately. 
  • Fleas can cause discomfort and allergic reactions in pets and even humans sometimes. They have spines and hair that are pointed backward, with spiky legs. 
  • They can create discomfort on your skin. 

Flea control services that are available at our agency

We at Pest Control Campbelltown offer a wide range of flea control services. For flea control, we follow various procedures. There are many kinds of flea control services that are available at our agency. Our agency is just a one-stop solution for all your flea problems. This is because there is no such flea control problem that we cannot solve. Here are the services that we offer for flea control:

  • Flea Inspection and removal- Flea inspection helps to understand the kind of flea that has infested and the ways needed to remove them. Therefore, it is always better to start off by inspecting the place to understand the condition of flea infestation better.
  • Domestic flea control- Flea control is provided in residential areas including houses. Our agency is always here to help you out with your home flea control. Hire us without fail whenever you have a flea problem at your home.
  • Restaurant flea control- Sometimes, restaurants also get infested by fleas. They can be controlled with the help of a few flea control treatments. So, hire us if you have a restaurant infested by fleas. We will provide the most effective restaurant flea control services.
  • Pre-purchase flea inspection- Always check your place or house before moving in. We at Pest Control Campbelltown offer pre-purchase flea inspection services to ensure that there are no fleas in your place. If fleas are found, we perform a complete flea control treatment to exterminate them for your safety. 
  • Emergency flea control services- Fleas can attack your place at any time. They can cause disastrous problems once they infest. You can hire us to get emergency flea control. For emergency services, we try to reach your place as soon as possible. We are known for offering quick flea control services in emergencies. 
  • Same day flea control- We even provide flea control services on the same day of booking. For this, our local flea controllers reach your place and provide the services. We cater to almost all the areas of Campbelltown to provide flea control services.

Affordable flea control services all across Campbelltown

Any place can get affected by fleas and if you are a pet owner then you must be extra careful. However, with us, you can get flea control services that are really worth it. Moreover, our flea control services are very affordable and budget-friendly as compared to other agencies. You can not find such reasonable rates for flea control services anywhere in Campbelltown. 

The reasons for hiring us for Flea control services

We have a team of trained and certified professionals that offer excellent flea control services. Our certified staff of technicians will lend their time and expertise to check the problems you are facing regarding fleas. They are very knowledgeable and will help you not only in controlling fleas but also preventing them in the future. Besides these, the other reasons for hiring us for flea control services are:

  • We offer extremely reasonable prices for all our flea control services.
  • All the professional experts that we have are certified and trained.
  • You do not need to worry as our services provide lasting results


Where do fleas infest mostly?

Fleas infest in carpets, mattresses and beddings. Apart from that, they also infest in areas like furniture, cracks of the floor, walls, and many more. Even they can be seen normally resting on an animal’s underbelly. Generally, fleas tend to live and breed in moist and warm places.

Can fleas live on humans?

To be precise, fleas can bite humans but they would not live on us. Because fleas usually seek a pet, such as a cat or a dog for feeding on. So, fleas can bite you in need of blood instead of animals but they do not live or survive on you. 

How to exterminate fleas from my house?

For exterminating fleas from your home, use a powerful vacuum cleaner. You can also exterminate fleas by steam cleaning (this is for upholstery and carpet fleas). Other than that you can simply use chemical cleaners and treatments for flea extermination from your house.

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