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Moths are known to live in dark and damp areas and hence you can find them mostly in cupboards and furniture. Moths are of various types but a few of them can infest residential areas. 

We are Pest Control Campbelltown that has been providing professional Moth Control Campbelltown services for many years. Although moths roam around your house and appear to be harmless, they can actually cause a lot of damage to your property. We offer professional services with the help of our team of trained and experienced staff. You can hire our local Moth Control Campbelltown experts to get rid of moths from your locality now.

Types of moths found in Campbelltown

There are various types of moths found in Campbelltown. There are almost ten thousand different kinds of moths found only in Australia. Few moths that are commonly spotted in Campbelltown are:

  • Brown house moths
  • Case making clothes moths
  • Common cloth moths
  • White shouldered house moths
  • Pantry moths

Moth control services that we offer at Pest Control Campbelltown

Even if moths do not directly cause any harm to humans or pets, they can anyhow cause damage to your property. That is why it is better to get rid of these pests. For that, we offer certain moth control services in order to prevent you from any problem because of them. These services are as follows:

  • Moth inspection and removal- Our certified professionals inspect the place and perform an analysis. Through this analysis, we understand which moth removal technique should be used.
  • Domestic moth control- As moths commonly occur in homes, we provide specific home moth control services. For domestic moth control, we have our local team of professionals that do the work.
  • Restaurant moth control- Similar to homes, restaurants too get affected by moths. You can hire us and get the best restaurant moth control services. 
  • Pre-purchase moth inspection- Moths can hide anywhere. Therefore, it would be better to get a pre-purchase moth inspection done before purchasing any new building and property.
  • Emergency moth control services- There can be times when you would require emergency services for moth control. For such emergency needs, we offer quick emergency moth control services.
  • Same day moth control services- Our agency also offers same-day moth control services with the help of local professionals. So, whenever you are in need of quick same day services, you can contact us.

We Are Your Local Campbelltown Moth Control Specialist

Moths are sometimes messy beings, they can damage your clothes and wardrobes. So if you are a cleanliness freak then you must get rid of them as soon as possible. For effective moth control services, you can hire our local professionals. Being a local agency, we have a specific team of local moth controllers that caters to each and every part of Campbelltown to offer the moth control services. You can easily trust and hire us whenever you are in need of our services, our local team of professionals will always be at your service.

Reasons To Hire us for all kinds of moth control services in Campbelltown

  • We are one of the top moth control service providers in the pest control industry. 
  • People of Campbelltown trust us for our effective and reliable services. Also, we offer quick services in emergency cases for moth control. 
  • Our professional moth controllers are very dedicated and respond on time. 
  • Many of our customers come back to us due to our excellent moth control services that we make available at the best rates. 
  • Professional services with qualified, licensed, and trained pest controllers.

So, hire us if you ever need moth control that too at lower rates. You can call us for bookings on 02 3813 8559


What if moths infest my clothes?

You can kill and get rid of the moths from your clothes by keeping them in the sunshine. Moths love dark and warm places, so keep them away from their habitat. Also, you can wipe off all the corners of your wardrobe with a detergent soaked cloth.

Is it dangerous to have moths around?

Moths are not as harmful as you might think. They can definitely cause damage to your property and clothes. But if you have allergies, moths can trigger them and cause respiratory disorders. 

How much does a moth control cost?

The regular price for moth control on an average basis is somewhere between $100 to $200. For a homeowner, it can cost up to $150 for the moth control fumigation process.

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